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Onemind diagnostics are carried out digitally using our Onemind assessment system to give a 360 degree view of your organisation’s projects, programmes and portfolios. Don’t rely only on the opinion of our consultants, make informed improvements based on rigourous data gathering and in-depth analysis that is both quantitative and qualitative.

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An overarching approach compatible with the best standards and methodologies, and on the best-practice change management principles, the Onemind Framework provides a common structure for uniting the ‘hard’ procedural techniques with the ‘soft’ people-based techniques. It also brings the management disciplines into an integrated set of management behaviours.

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The Onemind Improvement Model forms part of a practical knowledge-based approach to organisational change that demonstrates how change can be managed in such a way that people fully engage in cooperating and supporting the change, and that the control, governance and planning activities are proportionate and reliable.

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