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The culmination of 12 years of research and 20 years of practice, Onemind is the most comprehensive and enlightening method for achieving successful, sustainable organisational change.

Onemind’s unique approach to assessment meant that we were able to quickly confirm our level of Project Management Maturity and place greater emphasis on how to improve.

Liam Gent

First Group

The Onemind work recommended a coherent development pathway for both practitioners and executive managers and highlighted the challenges of this journey.

Andy Moores

Environment Agency

I now understand how best to improve our management maturity because of the Onemind work. Working with Onemind was a real education.

Nilesh Patel

Network Rail

Coaching and Mentoring

We mentor in management and the delivery of organisational change. Each of our mentors have had extensive practical experience running complex portfolios, programmes and projects, and have contributed original thinking to the field of management.

We are deeply honoured whenever we are asked to be a mentor.

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Organisational Change

Onemind offers an efficient and comprehensive approach to achieving successful organisational change. We identify strengths and weaknesses across your organisation through an automated assessment of your projects, programmes and portfolios. Using the data gathered during this diagnostic phase we produce targeted recommendations for improvement before working with you to achieve your objectives.

Our Process

Our Experts

Steve Clarke

Steve Clarke


With over 30 years’ experience in defining, running and evaluating programmes and projects, for the last 15 years Steve has successfully set up portfolio and programme management offices and managed major complex change programmes. Steve specialises in portfolio, programme, project and change management; management maturity; process redesign; and leadership and personal effectiveness coaching.
Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Principal Consultant

Tim is a specialist in portfolio, programme and project management, and process analysis and design. He has led the development of programme management services within large professional services organisations. He has a reputation for delivery across a range of industry and government sectors and has a track record of implementing strategic plans into successful operational solutions.

Our Insights

Management is not Coping

It falls to every manager to have to cope. Coping, often around the survival of the organisation, is just something circumstances force you to have to do. For example, the commercial company that needs to drive up sales to save its cash flow, or the organisation that...

The Limits of Time, Cost and Quality

Many people with experience of projects are familiar with the Time-Cost-Quality (T-C-Q) triangle. The idea being that project success is where there is an appropriate balance between meeting the planned schedule, the expenditure, and the specification. The triangle...

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